How to play?
 If you want to join the Phoenix League you simply have to create an account and provide your first name and last name and a valid e-mail address. Once your account is created you can immediately join the tournament and start making predictions!
How does the league work?
The Phoenix League is a weekly football prediction tournament. Each game week is broken down into two rounds - Round 1(Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and Round 2 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). In order for you to compete you must give your predictions for both rounds. And the end of the game week the competitor that has accumulated the most points from all of his predictions is crowned as Champion of the Week! The top 3 players’s names will appear on the front page and the they will also be mentions in our Facebook page. The matches that every competitor will predicted will be hand picked by our time and the goal is always to choose the most challenging games of the round! The Champion of the week will also get a certificate confirming his victory and a will have a place on the wall of champions. After the game week is complete the points are reset to zero and the battle starts again. This is the idea of the Phoenix League - you win, you lose, you win again!
How do I predict each game?
As soon as the games are uploaded you can start giving your predictions and you must give select the exact final score of the match.
How does the scoring system work?
The scoring system is simple to understand and calculate:
- Correct score: + 3 pts.
- Correct winner or draw: +2 pts.
Bonus points:
- Correct prediction for over/under 2.5 goals: + 0.5 pts.
- Correct prediction for both teams to score: + 0.5 pts.
*Bonus points are calculated automatically from your main prediction of the exact score
What is a Wild-Card prediction?
Each of the players can mark one game per round as a Wild-card. This strategy is a high risk, high return strategy. If the player correctly predicts the exact outcome of that game, then his points are tripled. If he does not he looses all points for that game. The use of the Wild-Card is not mandatory and competitors can use the strategy when they see fit.

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